Culimeta introduces the brand "Vitri" throughout the group of companies

Selected products of the Culimeta group have been managed and marketed under the brand name "Vitri" for several years now. This strategy is now continuing in the introduction of an appropriate image brand and the expansion to almost all business areas. The combination of "Vitri" and the corresponding addition of the product name is intended to underline the specially developed and almost exclusively in Germany manufactured products. In the widest sense, "vitri" stands for the raw material glass fiber, which can be found in some form in all of the products branded "Vitri". The color concept, which has already been used in the Culimeta business areas, will also be taken up again in the "Vitri series". Blue (Cyan) stands for "textile glass technology", black for "Automotive", orange for "Relining" and dark red for "Innobra". The logo campaign was implemented by the Münster-based company "CHP / Innomago" under the leadership of Claus Heseding.

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